FREESKIER’s 2015 Cat and Heli-Skiing Guide

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by Freeskier Magazine/ March 26, 2015

It’s an experience that every skier should have at some point in their life, in fact, it’s something every skier should experience multiple times – as many as possible. We’re talking about cat and heli-skiing of course.

The advantages are plentiful, above all else, you’ll have first class admission to some of the rowdiest skiing there is – Major steeps, expansive bowls, abundant glades, seemingly endless vertical and mighty deep snow.

Then, there’s the simple satisfaction that’s derived from traveling via high-tech machine in a mountain environment. Skinning for turns is fun too, (we know, we know!) but it’s sure hard to beat flying high above the mountaintops with a bird’s eye view of the lines you’re about to demolish; or, blasting 80’s rock from the speaker system in the cabin of a snow cat, high fiving and laughing with friends while you’re whisked back to the top of the next drop zone.

Consider the lasting benefits of spending time with some of the world’s top mountain guides; these are individuals who can impart years’ worth of knowledge, ultimately bolstering your own ideas about how to live and play in the mountains—safely and efficiently while maximizing fun.

That’s just a taste. We haven’t even scratched the surface in regards to the plethora of incredible lodges that are out there with various amenities. Or the small scale operations with rustic charm.

So, whether you’re looking to check cat or heli-skiing off of your bucket list this year, or perhaps you’re a seasoned vet who’s keen to experience a new spot, you’ll find the goods in the subsequent pages. We’ve teamed up with some of North America’s absolute best operations to bring you this, FREESKIER’s 2015 Cat and Heli-Skiing Guide.

The 2015 Cat and Heli-Skiing Guide

Eagle Pass
Northern Escape
Alaska Heliskiing
Alaska Rendezvous
Points North

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